Peeling/ Separating/ Grinding/ Crushing machine

Image of split garlic
For larger scale drying of vegetables, fruits, etc.
For small scale drying of vegetables and other food products
Cuts and grinds ginger, garlic, pepper, etc.
Removes the skin and husk from cloves of garlic.
Separates/Splits garlic into individual cloves.
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Peeling/ Separating/ Grinding/ Crushing machine


Vegetable Drying machine

Dry meat, fish, medicine, sesame,
vegetables, fruit, seafood, flowers: ginseng, red ginseng, angelica,
honeysuckle, yam, maize seed, tobacco seeds,
tomatoes, mushrooms, garlic, ginger, raisins, kiwi fruit, banana,
and many more.
The productivity is high and with low consume.


Grinding Machine

Grinds the vegetable into a mud-like substance

Grind: Garlic, Ginger, Onion, Spinach, Potato etc.


Garlic Peeling machine

Peel Garlic

The machine will not damage the garlic after peeling the skin


Garlic Seperating machine

Seperate Garlic, beans, soya and other vegetables.

Machine removes the peel and the husk.



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