Africa’s Entrepreneurial Superheroes

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Entrepreneurs (many of them women) are Africa’s true superheroes. They often struggle against huge odds, being the sole breadwinner for a large family. Similarly, SMEs (small and medium enterprises) see a gap in the market and create new business for themselves, building something from scratch. Many SMEs create employment for the communities who live around where the business is being set up. Giving otherwise jobless families hope and thereby giving the economy a boost.

Starting a new business is not easy, but the rewards far outweigh the challenges faced… Entrepreneurs and SMEs enjoy the fact that their efforts directly contribute positively to the profits being generated. Small businesses are often more flexible in dealing with market changes because they can adapt quicker than big competitors. Take Kenya’s Mehnaz Sarwar for example, who in response to 1 too many crimes while travelling with public transport, founded An Nisa Taxi as a safe transport service solely for women and children.

Another shining example is Zimbabwe’s Cyril Gunda, who started ZimAvian poultry hatchery in 2014, after finding a shortage of day-old chicks in his country. Today he is the MD of this flourishing business that’s created employment for fellow Zimbabweans and is supplying a much-needed product to other small businesses, which in turn can now expand too.

Enterprises like Cyril’s can grow quickly if they have access to the right machinery that can increase their operations. This is where Zhauns, the leading supplier of machines for SMEs in the manufacturing industry (from egg-hatching incubators to food-pellet machines), can step in and give new businesses the boost they need to be sustainable and profitable.

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