Business Opportunities Abound: Explore the Top 5 Lucrative Ventures in Africa

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As a continent brimming with business opportunities, Africa has witnessed a remarkable surge in its small business sector, acting as a key driver of economic growth. The dynamic and resourceful nature of African citizens, combined with a plethora of lucrative business opportunities has paved the way for aspiring entrepreneurs to take a step in the right direction and start their own businesses. The growth of small business opportunities in South Africa and across the continent is not just a trend – it’s a testament to the resilience and innovation of African entrepreneurs.

Zhauns understands the aspirations of budding entrepreneurs, which is why we stand as a reliable partner in the world of thriving small business opportunities. Our high-quality machinery and business solutions allow individuals to take their future into their own hands, turning their entrepreneurial dreams into tangible, profitable business ventures.

The best business opportunities for beginners

1. Roof sheet manufacturer

As the construction industry booms across Africa, Zhauns provides business opportunities for individuals to play a vital role in this growth. Zhauns’ Roof Sheet Machine empowers entrepreneurs to contribute to the development of infrastructure while establishing a sustainable source of income. The Roof Sheet Machine, which produces high-quality IBR and corrugated roof sheets, is not just a machine – it’s a pathway to building a lucrative business from the ground up.

2. Charcoal manufacturing

South Africa produces roughly 205,000 tonnes of charcoal annually, and around 80% of all charcoal is produced by small-scale operators. Zhauns’ Charcoal Briquette Machine provides entrepreneurs with business opportunities to meet the market demands and build a business that is not only lucrative, but also adds value.

3. Toilet roll manufacturer

The demand for essential commodities will always remain consistent. This means that manufacturing toilet rolls presents one of the best lucrative business opportunities. Zhauns’ Toilet Roll Machine allows entrepreneurs to enter this stable market, ensuring a consistent flow of customers.

With every successful business, there is a story of triumph. In July 2021, Mr Marius from Limpopo bought a Toilet Roll Machine from Zhauns. This was a strategic decision to expand their existing business of selling chemicals to also include manufacturing toilet roll – which is a daily consumed product that sells 365 days of the year!

Peanut butter manufacturing

In a market that values all-natural products, Zhauns’ Peanut Butter Machine opens the door to a world of business opportunities and culinary possibilities. Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to craft a wide variety of nut butters that capture the tastebuds of many.


Zhauns’ 9-in-1 Multi-Purpose Heat Press Machine is a game-changer when it comes to lucrative business opportunities. Whether it’s crafting personalised apparel or unique mugs, this adaptable machine provides entrepreneurs with an opportunity to meet the growing demands of the personalised print industry.

Brenda purchased the 9-in-1 Multi-Purpose Heat Press Machine and started her very own T-shirt Printing business in Delft Mall, Cape Town:

“I purchased my machine from Zhauns Business Opportunities. I love what I do and my business is booming! I am making more money than I expected. It wasn’t a bad decision to start my own business, I am my own boss. If you love what you do don’t hesitate.”

Zhauns serves as the bridge between aspiration and achievement, allowing individuals to invest in high-quality machines that provide lucrative business opportunities. The path to becoming your own boss may have different starting points, but with Zhauns, the destination is always a thriving and profitable business.