Creating hope from despair

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As the gruelling South African lockdown is extended even further, with no foreseeable end in sight, it’s alarming to see the daily media reports of so many businesses, many of them small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) being forced to close their doors permanently because they can no longer cope with the financial strain. For example, when the original lockdown was extended, 47.9% of businesses stopped or suspended operations.

SMEs (which make up 98% of local businesses) perform a vital function for the economy by often employing those who need work the most, and the knock-on effect in surrounding communities throughout the country is becoming ever-greater as newly unemployed people and the families they support are left hungry and destitute.

Zhauns (which specialises in poverty alleviation and rural development, and produces machines to help grow entrepreneurs’ business) acknowledges the pressing need for new employment opportunities that South Africa, and the rest of the continent, faces at present. Bearing this in mind, the company has increased its specialised range of machinery to cater for business needs in the Covid-19 era.

The top-three business opportunities that Zhauns currently offers:

  1. The multi-heat press T-shirt screen-printing machine: an ingenious product that can print onto a variety of surfaces, from plates and mugs to caps, clothing and shoes, thereby producing numerous products to sell to customers.
  2. The hand sanitiser/detergent multi-mixing tank, another masterful machine that can mix everything from car shampoo and window cleaner to hand sanitiser; ideal for current disinfectant needs.
  3. Finally, the ever-popular toilet roll-making machine makes a variety of wipes and tissue paper rolls and comes with a built-in perforator and saw, and is a sure-fire way to create new business (these products are always in demand).

Contact Zhauns to find out how to grow your business, and let’s work together to overcome the financial obstacles that we’re facing, one step (or one machine) at a time.