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As a new decade dawns where corporate companies are under constant scrutiny with a global drive to address the imbalances being caused by capitalism, thus highlighting the urgency to prioritise and drive the corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative which can assist greatly in addressing the huge poverty and unemployment challenges which face Africa. The Mining industry is one sector which has the capacity to seriously contribute to uplifting the communities which surround the many mining companies which generate enormous profit throughout Africa! 

Buy using a fraction of the profits these mining companies generate, they can dramatically change the lives of millions of families who live in poverty. This could be done by potentially setting up the surrounding communities up with small businesses which can supply the mines as well as the local community with daily consumed items – toilet rolls, detergents, soap, bottled drinking water, bricks, corrugated sheeting etc. This would create a win / win situation for the African continent.

Cape Town’s upcoming African Mining Indaba provides the opportunity for the major players in the African mining sector (from investors to government ministers and corporates) to network, share ideas on CSR and environmental issues and investigate ways to strengthen the continent’s economy.

The Indaba’s Junior Mining Forum has a strong focus on boosting smaller operators; covering topics such as sustainable development and skills shortage. By tackling these obstacles head-on from the start, any business can ensure that as it grows its CSR values are firmly entrenched. This not only benefits the employees and the communities in which they operate (through poverty alleviation and skills transfer), but also the business itself (by being aligned with government legislation and ensuring sustainable and responsible business practices are firmly entrenched).

Zhauns Business Opportunity Machines has a range of small and medium sizes machines to manufacture DAILY CONSUMED ITEMS – from Toilet Roll making machines, Soap making machines, water purification and water bottling machines, brick making machines etc. Zhauns is the leading supplier of machines to the SME on the African continent.

Contact us today, to see how Zhauns can assist with creating sustainable employment on the African continent by working with corporate companies through their CSR programs which government says should be part of ALL companies (legislation). Especially those benefiting from the rich resources which Africa provides.