Zhauns has enlisted the support services of a business consultant to help
you apply for government grants, funding, and tender opportunities. We
are now able to provide support through a consultant to ensure your
business documents are in order and compliant, work with you
to submit a funding application to secure funding to purchase the
new Zhauns Business Opportunity to start your new business or,
help you with a tender submission.

Specifically, we are able to:

  1. Provide assistance with the completion and submission of Funding or Tender applications form assuming all compliance criteria is met, and provided by the client;
  2. Register your new business by completing an online CIPC application and lodging your business name on your behalf;
  3. Help you with register your business on the Central Supplier
    Database of Government;
  4. Help develop a professional Business Plan for your business and,
    align to the funding application;
  5. Help you apply for a Tax Clearance Certificate. This is an online application for new businesses only; and
  6. Provide you with the advice to open a Bank Account, however business owners would have to physically go into a banking
    institution to open the business account.


Business Start-up Package

CIPC Business Registration + SARS Clearance + Business Plan

R2 500,00

Package for Tender submission or Funding Application

CIPC Business Registration + SARS Clearance + CSD Registration + Business Plan + assistance with completing the Tender/ Funding Application

R4 500,00

Tender/ Funding Application Support (if all business and statutory document are available)

Identifying a suitable fund and institution + providing the assistance to complete application documentation

R2 000,00

Assisting you submit the necessary documentation DOES NOT GUARANTEE that your funding application will be successful, our services ensure that you meet the minimum criteria for your application to be processed.

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