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    Coconut Flake Processing Machine

    Coconut Flake Processing Machine

    Output capacity: *0.5 Ton/hr
    Raw material: contact – 304 stainless steel,
    frame – 201 stainless steel
    Voltage: 380V 50Hz
    *1st Note: The raw materials needs to be cut into pieces before processing.
    *2nd Note – coconuts need to be fresh / moist to produce the flakes.

    Coconut Peeling Machine

    Coconut Peeling Machine

    This machine removes the thin layer of skin covering the “coconut meat”, which is left after the hard outer shell has been removed..
    Output Capacity: *150-200 pcs per hour.

    Continuous Band Sealer Machine

    Plastic pouch band sealing machine

    Seals the zip-lock plastic pouches after they have been filled with product.


    • Seals zip-lock type plastic pouches
    • Affordable
    • Quick & Easy

    Core Machine

    • Produce the inner core for toilet rolls, roller towel, storage tubes etc.
    • Produce various lengths of core
    • Produce up to 14m/min.

    Detergent Multi Mixing Tanks

    • Mix liquid soap, shampoo, drain cleaner, bleach, fabric softener etc.
    • Double-walled thick jacket tank (to keep product fluid while mixing)
    • Made from Industrial grade Stainless Steel
    • Formula’s provided

    Eco Brick Line

    Made from Cement, Sand, Waste plastic & crushed glass

    Reduce carbon footprint

    Reduce plastic and glass waste

    Create a sustainable product

    Egg Hatching Incubator

    • Holds from 88-15000 eggs
    • Chicken, duck, turkey eggs etc.
    • Various sizes available

    Flour Crushing Machine

    • Produce from coarse to fine finished product (e.g. corn grit to corn flour)
    • Electric, Diesel & Petrol models available
    • Crush maize, chilies, spice, etc.
    • Various models available

    French Fries Machine

    • Model: ZST-100
    • Power: 1.1KW
    • Voltage: 220V 50HZ
    • Outline size: 1.07*0.685*1.03(m)
    • Capacity: 1000kgs/hour
    • Width of potato chips: 5mm; 8mm; 10mm

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