Zhauns Machines

Browse through the available manufacturing machines by category or price, and get in touch for more information.

    Potato Peeler

    • Model: TP350
    • Capacity: 240kgs/hour
    • Dialing disc diameter: 350(mm)
    • Cutting speed of cutting tool: 260r/min
    • Power: 1.1KW
    • Voltage: 380V 50HZ
    • Packing size: 780Å~510Å~1000(mm)
    • Weight: 75kgs

    Razor Barbed Wire


    • Make Razor barbed wire
    • 5 different shaped cutters come equipped with this machine
    • Machine can use Galvanised and stainless steel raw material.

    Roof Sheet Machine

    • Make IBR & Corrugated Roof sheets
    • Produce various profiles of roof sheeting
    • Roof capping machine also available

    Sachet Machine

    We have various different sachet machines that can fill/Pack:

    • Liquid = water, juice etc.
    • Grain = rice, beans, salt, etc.
    • Powder = spice, flour, etc.
    • Paste = honey, tomato paste, fruit pulp, etc.
    • Various models available in each category

    Semi Auto Bottle Labelling

    • Machine sticks labels onto flat and semi rounded bottles
    • Sticks labels accurately, keeping precision and uniformity for all bottles.
    • Capacity: 10-35 pcs/min

    Serviette Machine

    • Make embossed serviettes
    • Produce different size serviettes (depending on machine spec)
    • Produce branded and colour serviettes (optional)

    Slicer Machine

    • Size: 440x330x425mm
    • Weight: 8kgs
    • Food Container size: 215x130mm
    • Thickness adjustable: 0-15mm
    • Handle length: 85mm
    • Product Material: Stainless steel

    Soap Making Machine

    • Make Facial and green bar soap
    • Make soap from used cooking oil

    Spice Filling / Cigarette Making Machine

    • Fill spice, tobacco etc into perfectly rolled cigarettes
    • Easy to operate
    • Make up to 3000 sticks per hour

A small investment in a machine from Zhauns is all it takes to build a

profitable business.