Zhauns Machines

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    Semi Auto Bottle Labelling

    • Machine sticks labels onto flat and semi rounded bottles
    • Sticks labels accurately, keeping precision and uniformity for all bottles.
    • Capacity: 10-35 pcs/min

    Serviette Machine

    • Make embossed serviettes
    • Produce different size serviettes (depending on machine spec)
    • Produce branded and colour serviettes (optional)

    Shopping Bag Machine

    • Make refuse bags, shopping bags etc.
    • Various models available

    Slicer Machine

    • Size: 440x330x425mm
    • Weight: 8kgs
    • Food Container size: 215x130mm
    • Thickness adjustable: 0-15mm
    • Handle length: 85mm
    • Product Material: Stainless steel

    Soap Making Machine

    • Make Facial and green bar soap
    • Make soap from used cooking oil

    Solar Dryer

    The drier is constructed from electrogalvanised steel and painted with polyrethane paint having the dimensions as follows:

    • Height of Drying Chamber: 600mm
    • Width of Drying Chamber: 600mm
    • Depth of Drying Chamber: 600mm
    • Width of Collector: 600mm
    • Depth of Collector: 300mm
    • Length of Collector: 2100mm
    • Collector Angle with Horizontal 17degrees
    • Total Height of Solar Dryer when assembled: 2000mm
    • Total Width: 700mm
    • Total Length: 2450mm

    Sugar Cane & Ginger Juice Machine

    Benefits of Sugarcane Juice:

    • It can hasten recovery from jaundice.
    • A preventive and healing source for sore throat, cold and flu.
    • Low glycemic index which keeps the body healthy.
    • Diabetics can enjoy without fear.
    • It has no simple sugars.
    • Due to its alkaline nature, it helps to fight cancer.
    • Studies indicate positive activity against prostate and breast cancer cells.
    • It hydrates the body quickly when exposed to prolonged heat and physical activity

    Toilet Roll Machines

    • Produce embossed and perforated toilet rolls & other tissue paper
      products on a roll
    • Produce 1,2 & 3-ply
    • FREE Toilet roll slitter
    • Single-phase electricity (depending on model)
    • Various models available
    • Virgin Tissue Paper also available

    Toothpick Making Machine

    • Make bamboo or wooden toothpicks
    • The line consists of 7 pieces of equipment to make toothpicks.
    • Make up to 500’000 toothpicks per day

A small investment in a machine from Zhauns is all it takes to build a

profitable business.