Together, we believe, the ability to effect positive change throughout Africa is infinitely more powerful.

PARD – a specialist division of the Zhauns Business Opportunities – is dedicated to the delivery of innovative ideas and business solutions to Africa. The division aims to create economic opportunities and build entrepreneurial capacity on the African continent.

PARD’s objectives are closely aligned with the African Union’s goals to revive the continent, with solutions that are led by the machinery we supply. 

In previous years, the Zhauns Group focused primarily on assisting individuals and communities in the role of leading machine supplier. But, with PARD, we focus on assisting governments, ministries and organisations in implementing large-scale solutions across the continent.

An engine for growth

Africa’s economy is driven by a multitude of informal sectors, multi-nationals and state-owned entitites. Historically, very little attention has been paid to small businesses, yet small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are now recognised as one of the key drivers of innovation, growth, job creation, and poverty alleviation on the continent.
Authorities agree that entrepreneurship – underpinned by innovative ideas, business solutions and financial support from governments – are central to increasing the participation of SMEs in growing the economy. Governments have an important role to play: they must recognise the urgency to create mainstream industries and should endeavour to make it as easy as possible for SMEs to establish and regulate themselves, and to grow.
AUDA-NEPAD, the development agency of the African Union (AU), also believes that the development of entrepreneurship and job creation are key drivers for sustainable, economic growth in Africa.
The overarching driver of this agenda is collaboration between governments, corporate social responsibility (CSR) role players and the private sector, allowing for the delivery of commercially viable ideas and business-support services to communities. Integration into the value chains of larger companies should also be prioritised.

Innovative solutions for entrepreneurs

PARD’s services can be tailored to the needs of a particular location, community or sector. Services are related to manufacturing, agro-processing, construction and the boosting of small, medium and micro-enterprises (SMMEs).

In addition, township enterprise incubation hubs and fully equipped centres of excellence form an integral part of the PARD offering. These hubs and centres, which offer training, mentoring and monitoring, are key to creating viable businesses.

PARD follows a four-pronged approach:


Innovative project conceptualisation






Advise, coaching and mentoring

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