Zhauns Machines

Browse through the available manufacturing machines by category or price, and get in touch for more information.

    Core Machine

    • Produce the inner core for toilet rolls, roller towel, storage tubes etc.
    • Produce various lengths of core
    • Produce up to 14m/min.

    Serviette Machine

    • Make embossed serviettes
    • Produce different size serviettes (depending on machine spec)
    • Produce branded and colour serviettes (optional)

    Toilet Roll Machines

    • Produce embossed and perforated toilet rolls & other tissue paper
      products on a roll
    • Produce 1,2 & 3-ply
    • FREE Toilet roll slitter
    • Single-phase electricity (depending on model)
    • Various Toilet roll machine models available
    • Virgin Tissue Paper also available

A small investment in a machine from Zhauns is all it takes to build a

profitable business.