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Fabulous Tissue - Toilet Roll Manufacturing

We had a fabulous time with the Technician Mario, he was hands-on, open and easy to interact with, always eager to give his knowledge. My team was pleased and comfortable with Mario. We can work with this man anytime of the year.

Marius's Toilet Roll Business

Mr Marius from Limpopo bought a Toilet roll machine from Zhauns in July of 2021. This was a strategic decision to expand their existing business of selling chemicals to also include manufacturing toilet rolls – which is a daily consumed product which sells 365 days of the year!!

Empowered Women in Business

Powerful women showcasing their business & entrepreneurial skills after they started their business buying a machine from us.

Nishaat's Popcorn Business

Hello My Name is Nishaat, About 12 Months Ago while I was still employed I decided to purchase a Popcorn Machine From Zhauns Business Opportunities To Start My own Business.

I am earning R2000+ per week & I am now running my own Full Time Business at Home. It is so simple, Contact Zhauns today for your Business Opportunity.’ – Nishaat (28 Years Old) Cape Town.

Brenda's T-shirt Printing Business

Hi My Name is Brenda, I have a T shirt Printing business in Delft Mall Cape Town. I purchased my machine at Zhauns Business Opportunities. I love what I do and my business is Booming!

I am making more money than I expected. It wasn’t  bad decision to start my own business, I am my own boss. If you love what you do don’t hesitate. Contact Zhauns Business Opportunities.” – Brenda, Delft Mall CT.

Bakwena Ivory Printing

Hello Everyone I am Dumelo From Bakwena Ivory Printing In Limpopo Province Polokwane City. We bought a Heat Press Machine & Ice Cream Machine at Zhauns Business Opportunities.

I am now Busy with the printing of my mugs and Voila!’ – Dumelo

Blue Mercury

‘Blue Mercury was formed in September. It has 2 directors , myself ,Benjamin Mahonge & Jacqueline Mahonge.We formed a company with a vision of making Tissue products for Botswana. Our brand is nice & soft, we make what we call TT Botswana. We bought the machine from Zhauns South Africa. This machine Rewinds Jumbo rolls into Tissue Products rolls. First of all we needed to understand what the market needed and we put together the product line to adhere to what the market needed or our customer requirements. In order to do this we had to put together a business plan, and a business plan is very important for every Entrepreneur you need to have a daily plan for your production, for your sales as well as procurement for your raw materials. This daily plan will need to be culminated into a weekly, Monthly as well as a Yearly plan.


A lot of research needs to be done, Risk Assessment or Management needs to be in place to make sure that you don’t find yourself I’m trouble. In terms of the choice of the business type that we selected, We looked at what are the five things that a human being does. A human being will eat, bath,go to the toilet, and also dress, with this we selected a business that meets this human need requirement.Having selected Tissue Papet products, in our product line we are making Tissue Rolls, Serviettes, kitchen Jumbo Rolls & the Core Tubes for ourselves. When we started we didn’t have a business that was making out own core tubes, then it contributed too much to our costs so what we did was make sure that we also bought a product line which makes our own core tubes.To this date from the one machine we bought from Zhauns South Africa, Now we have bought 3 more product lines & we are also planning to expand further & bring in a fifth product line which will be slitting the Jumbo Rolls because the market here is demonstrating that the Jumbo Rolls are so much Required. For the Entrepreneurs out there when we were young we were trained to get a good education good grades and a good job,but really the salary is what the employer is providing you to forget about your dreams.


So I urge all the young Entrepreneurs, Those with goals, Put plans around your goals, & execute your plans. ..Once you have done that certainly you are going to be owning your own business, & with your own Business It’s not Easy out there. The market is tough and you really need to do your Market research. Understand what your customer needs, provide a product that meets the customer needs or solves a problem in society so it’s one of the key things that an employer needs to have & Many people think that as an Entrepreneur you are your own boss you can wake up at any time.I guarantee you that you have to work a little harder and it is important that you train other people so that once they experienced they can run their own business and take over and do everything while you do the rest. With this I hope many of you will be motivated to start your own businesses. If you look at the European and Asian setup, Businesses are run at a funding level, the government has no room in running a business they create enabling environment so all I can say is let us all work I’m families and create networks that support each other and create employment for the young people out there. We have so many graduates on the street and need them to be employed as soon as they Graduate. I hope you will find this motivating for yourselves to start your own business – Blue Mercury 

Buntu Mfene

To the entire Zhauns Family, I would like to take this time and express our deepest joy and appreciation for the service you have rendered to us. Waylin, your technician came through to set up our 1.9 machine. He truly held your company values high and what a pleasant experience it was to work with him and each and everyone of you. Thank you once more and we are looking forward to a more fruitful business relationship going forward.

Much thanks and regards.

Buntu Mfene – South Africa

Food Forage

As Food Forage we are grateful to share with you that we have started production in February 2022 and we have been progressing quite well, we were deliberating in ensuring that we comply with all regulatory standards from inception. We started making sales in June 2022 and so far the product has been well received. We are pushing to get the product into the retail shelf space at the moment. Thank you Zhauns for being one of the major stakeholders in our business.

Xolani Bonani – Fabulous Tissue

We had a fabulous time with the Technician Mario, he was hands-on, open and easy to interact with, always eager to give his knowledge. My team was pleased and comfortable with Mario. We can work with this man anytime of the year. Have a great Christmas season and a fabulous new year.

Area of installation: Pretoria
Date of installation : 12-14 December 2022
Name of machine installed : toilet roll machine 1.9 
Technicians name  : Mario Viljoen

Mr. Mazibuko

We would like to extend our congratulations to Mr. Mazibuko for his recent investment in a Zhauns Bottle Blowing Machine. As a reputable business opportunity provider, we take pride in supplying reliable and efficient machines that enable entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals. We are confident that this investment will prove to be a valuable asset for Mr. Mazibuko’s business and assist in its growth. At Zhauns, we remain committed to providing exceptional customer service and ongoing support to our clients. We wish Mr. Mazibuko all the success with his new machine and look forward to assisting him in achieving his business objectives.

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