The Intra-Africa Trade Fair (IATF); Home to the Inventive, Great Thinkers and the Diaspora

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Organizers of the Intra-Africa Trade Fair (IATF) are aware that it has been two long years of Covid-driven isolation as well as trade and political restrictions, quite a few African economies have all but ground to a halt. Yet, even under these terrible circumstances, we believe that positive thought, creativity, and innovation has grown, and when given the right opportunity and platform, ideas will prosper. It has been a year of “having to come up with a plan” to earn and survive, to feed one’s family. Often, these plans are resourceful, nuggets of brilliance. It is with this in mind the IATF provides that platform to inspire a new, more innovative , stronger and more resilient AFRICA.

“Africa is Talking Business, Be a Part of it;” IATF.1

From the 15th to the 21st of November, In the heart of Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, individuals who think the same, will share their inspiration, with their fellow brothers and sisters from the African continent at Intra Africa Trade Fair. This will also be a excellent time for the diaspora on our continent to connect and strengthen the cross-border relationships which will allow continental trade to grow. The newly, African Continental Free Trade Area (AFCFTA) envisions a single market uniting 55 African countries, with goods and services highlighted without borders or constraints. While having just begun, the AFCFTA will find ready traction at the IATF.

Meet up with Like-Minded Enthusiasts

Attendees will include those who have been described as diaspora: or rather the scattered peoples. Those of us who have uprooted from their homeland for work, for family, and even for political reasons. The diaspora has taken their skills, experience and inspiration with them and it is at IATF’s hope that they will join us on these days and share what they have learnt.

While Zhauns will not be present at IATF, we believe that the sentiment expressed at the trade fair echoes our own: In our CEO, Riad Ahmed’s words: “It’s up to every one of us to ensure that small businesses succeed. SMEs need to be supported and considered.” We have held true to this mantra since 2000 and we continue to assist small businesses, start-ups, and government programs to this day. It is our intention that investors attending the fair, will adopt the same approach.

The Exhibitors

Join the likes of Amazon Energy, the United Nations Economic Mission for Africa, World Trade Centre, Miami, and the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Egypt to name a few. If You wish to exhibit, you have until the 15th of October to finalize here.

This Year the IATF launches its virtual platform

As we mentioned in the beginning of this article, so much has changed in the last two years. To keep up with the times, the IATF has a virtual facility as well. If you are unable to attend the exhibition, join us here

If you are still not convinced. The IATF has listed the following benefits of attending the fair

  • $40 Billion in trades and deals
  • 55+ Countries taking part
  • 1,100+ exhibitors
  • 10,000 attendees

And While Zhauns will not be physically present at the fair, our team is ready to engage you for you to create your OWN business which will empower communities around you and create hope and inspiration to those around you. We can assist you are drawing up a business plan, finding a method of distribution, wishing to do a Strengths, Weakness, Opportunity & Threat (SWOT) evaluation on your project, or just needing a little down-to-earth advice, we are available to you.

Remember first impressions do count. When you are describing your vision to a keen investor, you want to make sure that the impression stays uppermost in his/her/their mind for all the right reasons. We have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs before, and we will harness our skills to do the same for you.

The time is right for great ideas. But if they do not produce income, employ others, Inspire, or become cemented in visible operations, they are merely ideas. Take the time to do your research, engage partners like Zhauns, and figure out how to turn your concept into a revenue-generating reality!