Zhauns at the BRICS Summit: Empowering Job Creation and Changing Lives

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In an era where job creation is a pressing global concern, Zhauns is dedicated to creating opportunities for the youth, women and graduates struggling to find jobs. Recently, we had the privilege of attending the BRICS Summit in Johannesburg / South Africa. The BRICS summit serves as a mechanism to take forward the struggle for a fairer and more inclusive world that is focused on equal development opportunities for all. We were able to showcase our cutting-edge small scale business opportunity machinery and had the chance to highlight our commitment to empowering individuals across Africa through entrepreneurship and job creation.

The power of innovation

At the heart of our mission lies a deep understanding of the transformative power of innovation. With our vast range of machinery, we are driven to open doors for ambitious individuals , by providing affordable sustainable business opportunity solutions. We have the machinery to empower individuals to establish their own businesses and creating a ripple effect of job opportunities within their greater communities.

Driving entrepreneurship

We firmly believe that entrepreneurship and opportunity is the catalyst for economic growth. We understand that by empowering individuals to become business owners and take charge of the trajectory of their futures, not only do we have the power to create job opportunities, but we are also able to nurture a culture of self-reliance and resilience. Through our wide range of machinery, aspiring entrepreneurs can venture into various fields such as manufacturing of FMCG products , food processing / packing , agricultural processing equipment etc . By individuals starting their own business , not only does it create immediate employment but it also allows the business owner to become a important contributor to the community and country they live and work in.

A commitment to training and support

Creating job opportunities goes beyond just providing machinery. We understand that knowledge and guidance are essential for success, and we are here to go the extra mile for you. We offer comprehensive training and support in the following ways:

  • Free online business training
  • Advice, coaching and mentoring services to existing businesses.
  • Regulatory compliance services
  • Financial advice and facilitation
  • Start-up advice and guidance
  • Free Business plans
  • Administrative support and access
  • Access to manufacturing machinery, raw materials, suppliers and markets.

By sharing our expertise, guidance and machinery, we are here to ensure you are equipped with the necessary skills and resources to thrive in your entrepreneurial endeavours!

Inspiring success stories

Behind every successful business venture, there is an inspiring story of triumph. From those who turned their innovative ideas into thriving businesses to communities that feel empowered with a newfound sense of economic stability, these success stories serve as a true testament to why we do what we do – creating job opportunities and transforming lives.

Our attendance at the BRICS Summit in Johannesburg symbolises our unwavering dedication to empowering the youth, women and recent graduates to take charge of their futures and embrace the power of entrepreneurship. Through our high-quality machinery, training and skill development opportunities, we are determined to continue to change lives and drive economic growth, one small business at a time. Together, we can build a brighter future for all.