The Power of Youth

Development in Africa

Empowering the Youth

In Africa, youth empowerment and development are more important than ever. The future of our continent lies in the hands of our youth. Zhauns is dedicated to uplifting, strengthening, and building the morale of young lives through nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset. This is done through Zhauns providing online business training skills and development programs. These are the tools needed to empower youth on the African continent. Zhauns is passionate about creating the leaders of our future. As the leading supplier of machinery for the SMME sector across the African continent, Zhauns has a range of sustainable business opportunities which will drive economic growth and create employment opportunities for the youth of Africa to flourish and prosper. By empowering our youth, we will create an entrepreneurial environment on the continent where no one will be left behind! Zhauns is committed to ensuring that the youth of Africa are exposed to the endless opportunities that an entrepreneurial mindset allows, this mindset will give our youth the confidence to start their own businesses and become valuable contributors to the countries they live in.

We support African Youth Development in the following ways:

The Poverty Alleviation and Rural Development (PARD) program is a specialized division of the Zhauns Business Opportunities. PARD is dedicated to delivering innovative business ideas and solutions by building entrepreneurial capacity and support for the youth on the African continent.

As a reliable governmental solution, we create jobs for all, with a specific and special focus on the youth, women, and recent graduates. We provide assistance by employing manufacturing technologies as a solution to aid young entrepreneurs in their establishment of new manufacturing businesses.

Zhauns supports youth economic empowerment by offering the following services:

Advice, coaching and mentoring

Financial planning

Regulatory compliance services

Financing advice and facilitation

Start-up advice and facilitation

Business and marketing plans advice and facilitation

Growth management plans

Administrative support and access

Access to manufacturing machinery, raw material, suppliers and markets

With Zhauns, the entrepreneurial dreams of the youth can become a reality. Together, we can build a brighter future for all.

Youth entrepreneurship lays the foundation of Africa’s future. Feel empowered with Zhauns and begin your profitable business journey by completing the form below.