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At Zhauns we do not only sell you a machine, we also provide you with an online learning tool to help you understand business better and improve your chances of success beyond the start-up phase. We believe in continual learning therefore, we have developed an online training academy for our customers.

What is the Zhauns Business Academy?

To support entrepreneurs on their journey Zhauns recently launched an online business training platform for all customers. This micro-learning tool provides business owners with easy to understand content to upskill themselves and help improve their chances of running a successful business.

Who gets access to the online learning academy?

If you have bought a machine from Zhauns then you qualify for FREE access to Zhauns Business Academy. You will need to receive your login details from Zhauns to access the training platform.

What information you will get from the Academy

The course contains 6 business modules with important topics like planning your business or review your plans if you have already started. Understanding the fundamentals of marketing, implementing good money management practices, managing your operations to ensure a great product is produced and available to your customers, increasing your chances of sales and, getting the best out of your team.
Each module starts with a short introductory video explaining the section and what you will learn, this is followed by 4 sections addressing the key aspects of the module. To test your understanding of the section we have included self-check questionnaires, quick quizzes that cover the main learning points of each section. Should you require support, there are easily accessible feedback buttons throughout the platform.
Once you have purchased your machine from Zhauns you will be invited to the Academy to which you will have access for a period of 8-weeks and can return to review the content or a specific section or redo questions as often you like.
This is just one of the many ways that Zhauns supports their customers to achieve their best.

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